Riches to Rags – The Ron Davis – Joe Zada Saga

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Robert Dover on Judging Dressage

Before reading any further be sure to go to this link and read the article I wrote about Robert Dover and the fairness of dressage judging and what the future has in store.

Two Sisters On A Mission

How “Two Sisters On A Mission” came about!
Our story really begins at the end of mom’s life.  On September 28, 2008, our mom passed away after a three-year battle with cancer.  As you can imagine we were and still are quite devastated. One of mom’s final wishes was that we keep the property we grew up on in the family.
Shortly before mom left this earth she took me downstairs and showed me a box of old magazines she had kept over the years.  They were from when she was a child and during the war years.  Early 1940s was when these magazines came out.  She said to me, maybe this will one day help you to keep my dream alive.  Maybe you can sell these on ebay.
Well, when things started to fall apart and it looked like we could not afford to pay our monthly bills my sister Donna and I got together and made a vow that we would figure it out.  We decided to pool what resources we had and to figure out how we could make more money.  To find out more about what we are doing visit our web site: