Hi All,

Thanks for adding your email to my “sharing ideas” list at the AHP Convention.

I want to start a blog that we can all be a part of and while I will first tell you my goals I then would like to hear what you would like to achieve from such an undertaking.

At the AHP Seminar we all gained either new information or added to things we already know about but the wealth of information needs to continue.

My goal for this venture is to give us all a chance to network various subjects so that we can share our knowledge to help each other.

My plan is to take one subject at a time.  For instance, if we talked about Facebook it would begin with how do you sign up, what’s available on Facebook for you to take advantage of, how can you enhance your business through Facebook and so on.  We could do the same with the various blogs, or things like WordPress (how do you start a web site, add a blog, etc.).  Other thoughts would be discussing subjects such as Keyword Optimization.

Once we’ve done a topic I would like to then take the information that we’ve shared and put it in a document and create a pdf so that we can download it and have it available for reference for us and future members that may be added to this list after specific subjects have already been covered.

Another area I’d like to include are links to places we can go to help us improve our web sites, etc.  For instance, we learned about Connect and for me that’s been a great tool to keep an eye on.  If we could all give our input and share links and with each link we give a 2-5 sentence description of what you gain from going to that link I would again organize it in such a way that we can have it as one document to download.

Now that you’ve all heard my ideas I am wondering what would be the best platform to use.  What could I create that would allow us to include a blog, have pdf files that people could download, include profiles of our members and more.  Would WordPress be the  answer for this.  Perhaps that is the first subject we should network and learn from.

On another note, I’d like to also have one day a week that we can talk/blog about anything we want.  Maybe something like Free For All Fridays.  There people could discuss projects they are working on, jobs available or any other off-topic but of interest to this group subjects.  The one thing I also want to make clear from the start is what we don’t want to be discussed on this list.  My vote is that we maintain this as more of a professional educational list and leave sites like Facebook and Twitter for personal information.  Also, I’d like to keep the site really positive.

So, now that I’ve voiced my opinions, I would like to hear from all of you.  These are the questions I would love to get answers for:

introduce yourselves and give us a brief bio of who you are

what do you feel the best platform is to proceed with

– Most important – WHAT YOU HOPE TO GAIN FROM THIS GROUP INTERACTION and what topics would you like to cover 

For now I am doing this as a WordPress Blog because that is what I am most familiar with but others have suggested other blogs that would make more sense. 

Once I have gotten everyone’s introduction and bio information, I will also organize that so we can have an easy reference for everyone.  So, let the learning begin now by answering the above questions.

BTW – here is a list of topics I thought we could cover – please let me know if you have more suggestions:





Blogging (how to blog, what sites to use for blogging)

WordPress – what is it and what can you do with it

Web Site Keyword Optimization

Increasing traffic to your web site

Constant Contact

Any other suggestions


P.S.  Also feel free to let me know if you would like to be removed from this list by simply sending me an email stating that.  And on another note – if there are those who want to join the Sharing Ideas Blog please have them email me so I can add them to the distribution list.