Hi All,

We’ve all been busy – I know I have with my projects.  So, not too much sharing going on.  But I did want to alert everyone that I have started a Sharing Ideas Meetup group ( and I really feel this blog can work as well and so have a suggestion.  I have requested that we do a Sharing Ideas forum at the AHP Convention this year.  The thought would be that anyone who goes would have something that they could share in 5 minutes time.   It could be about social media, web site design – you name it – and we should also allot time for questions.  It should involve everyone who comes to this forum.   I think we should each also be prepared to give out something outlining what we shared and how to do it so that those leaving have a step-by-step process to follow.  I think it would also be good if we created a list of what we plan to share so that others know what is covered and what is not.

Why not give the members a chance to share some knowledge that might help another member.  If you like this idea mention it when you fill out the Survey Monkey for the Convention.

It might also inspire us to continue to do a better job of sharing ideas once we leave the Convention.